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Minor Surgery

Chantilly Medical Center

Samir Nazam, MD

Family Medicine & Pain Management located in Chantilly, VA

When you come in to see Dr. Samir Nazam, he does a thorough exam of your entire body. If you have not been to a physician in some time or are seeing Dr. Nazam because you think you may have a lump, abscess, or other skin ailment, he may decide that you should undergo minor surgery, or an operation on the superficial structures of the body (e.g. skin) or otherwise manipulative procedure that does not involve serious risk. Contact Dr. Nazam of Chantilly Medical Center in Chantilly, Virginia, no appointment is necessary.

Minor Surgery Q & A

What is considered minor surgery?

Minor surgery is any non-invasive operative procedure in which only skin or mucous membranes and connective tissue are resected. This category also includes, but is not limited to:

  • Skin biopsy  (punch and shave)
  • Removal of infected toenails
  • Evacuation of perianal hematomas
  • Removal of skin lesions where clinically indicated
  • I&D of abscess
  • Removal of skin lesions
  • Repair of lacerations
  • Skin biopsy

What happens during minor surgery?

All minor surgical procedures are done in the operating room and under local anesthesia. If you are undergoing minor surgery, Dr. Nazam or a nurse first prepares and disinfects the surgical site by clipping hair, scrubbing the skin, and draping the site with sterile drapes.

Will I need anesthesia?

Whether or not you need anesthesia for your procedure is up to Dr. Nazam. However, generally speaking, a minor surgical procedure can usually be safely performed in an outpatient setting and without the use of general anesthesia or the need for respiratory assistance. Dr. Nazam may also choose to perform your procedure using a local anesthetic delivered by either an injection or a topical cream only.

How long does minor surgery usually take?

How long a minor surgery takes depends on the procedure. It is typical to spend roughly 15 minutes for most, or up to an hour for more complicated minor procedures once you have been checked in and placed in a room. Once you’re scheduled, Dr. Namaz will give you an estimated amount of time for the procedure in question.

Do I need to change my routine before surgery?

Most typically, no. Minor surgical procedures usually do not require stopping medications, fasting, or prior blood work. It is always in your best interest, however, to make your health care provider aware of any other health issues or medications you might be taking in order to ensure a quality of care.

If you believe that you may have a lump, abscess, or another skin ailment that may need to be biopsied, contact Dr. Nazam of Chantilly Medical Center in Chantilly, Virginia, no appointment is necessary.