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High Blood Pressure

Chantilly Medical Center

Samir Nazam, MD

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Seventy-five million Americans of all ages suffer from high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. High blood pressure is known as “the silent killer” because it doesn’t always cause symptoms. You may not know you have high blood pressure until you suffer a stroke or heart attack. Fortunately, regular blood pressure screenings can help identify and treat hypertension before tragedy strikes. Dr. Samir Nazam at Chantilly Medical Center in Chantilly, Virginia, can provide the care you need to stay healthy. Contact us today! No appointment is necessary.

High Blood Pressure Q & A

What causes high blood pressure?

Your heart is continually pumping blood. The blood travels through your blood vessels to the different parts of your body. Sometimes your blood vessels may become narrower or less flexible. If this happens, your heart has to work much harder to pump blood.

Normal blood pressure readings should be below 120/80. If your blood pressure readings are often above this number, it might be a sign that you have hypertension. Over time, hypertension can put your health at risk, so it’s important to get treatment right away.

Potential causes of hypertension include:

  • Poor diet
  • Not getting enough exercise
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Old age

What can I do to lower my risk of developing hypertension?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help cut your risk of developing hypertension. Staying active and eating a healthy diet can also keep your blood pressure in check. Avoiding tobacco and limiting alcohol is another way to keep your heart healthy.

Remember that hypertension doesn’t always cause symptoms. It’s a good idea to check your blood pressure on a regular basis. If you notice that your blood pressure is often high, stop by Chantilly Medical Center. Dr. Nazam can help determine whether you need treatment.

How is hypertension treated?

If you are diagnosed with hypertension, Dr. Nazam may prescribe you medication to help lower your blood pressure. He might also suggest that you follow a special diet to keep your blood pressure down.

Smoking raises your blood pressure. If you smoke, Dr. Nazam can provide you with resources to help you quit. Regular exercise can also help lower your blood pressure naturally. Ask Dr. Nazam what kind of exercise is most beneficial for your heart.

What should I do if I’m worried about my blood pressure?

If you suspect that you might have hypertension, don’t wait to seek treatment. When not treated, hypertension can cause damage to your organs or even trigger a heart attack or stroke. Regular blood pressure screenings can help prevent this.

If you’re overdue for a blood pressure screening, Chantilly Medical Center can help. Walk-ins are welcome, and our staff can help you learn whether you are at risk for hypertension. Call or stop by today!